Concreato, we boost your business

Concreato is specialized in boosting your business thanks to pragmatic and smart marketing. We develop the best marketing activities and strategies to further develop your business in close collaboration with you, your teams and customers.

Concreato : (from Latin verb Concreo) Create with, produce.

We create your marketing with you, we use co-creation with your customers and team to ensure the connection between the field and the strategy, the customer needs and the products.

Concreato : (Italian noun) Innate, inborn, natural

No big words or one-fits-all strategy. We help you to develop the marketing strategy that fits your business goals. It is truly part of your vision. We work with our clients to ensure the delivery of the business objectives through company focused marketing and communications strategies

Concreato : (from Spanish word) Concrete, solid as a rock

The marketing strategy we will develop together is backed by data’s, insights, customers feedback. We create a solid and long term action plan enriched by figures and analytics and not only trends and feelings.